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Pet Saftey During The Holidays

Posted by Jan Deuber Peters on

It's a wonderful time of the year but people need to keep a close eye on their pets during the holidays. Many years ago, our westie, Mr. MacGuffie decided that he wanted to eat a string of Christmas lights. We only found out because the tree lights wouldn't turn on and we found part of the lights were gone. He ate the wire and glass bulbs. We rushed him to the emergency room and they didn't want to make him throw up because it could cause more damage coming back up. (sorry for this reference but it is important to know that). So, our dog who will eat anything, including Christmas lights, ate 5 cotton balls that the vet offered him. This vet had learned this trick from another vet. (Don't do this at home. Let a vet do this) He turned his nose on the 6th cotton ball. Not enough flavor for him. 

The vet sent us home and we were told to keep an eye on him for the next few days and wait and see if this will pass through his system. And the very next day he pooped a huge, disgusting, cotton bally mess with the wires and glass all enclosed within the cotton. No pain or cuts or anything. He was happy as could be. 

We considered this our Christmas Miracle that year. 

Here is a great article on safety tips for the holidays.

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